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Shelley Snow

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About the Artist

Throughout Shelley’s life she has had a love of art.  Her first show was as a five year old at the Laguna Art Festival in California.  Later as a student artist, Shelley was fortunate to have her work selected for many county wide student art shows.  Shelley studied art at Santa Ana City College, Santa Barbara City College, UCSB and was accepted to Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles.  As a young woman demands of everyday life took precedence.

After 35 years in a career as an interior designer and have raised a family, she again found time to pursue her interests in fine art.  As a college student, Shelley had explored all mediums with a focus on acrylic painting.  In the late 1990’s she became fascinated with the rich and vibrant qualities of the pastel medium.  Admiring works by such artists as Strand, Mowry, and Handell, Shelley began to experiment with pastels herself.  While in Colorado, pastels were well suited to Shelley’s favorite early subjects: the intense colors of storms, sunsets, and dramatic vistas of the Utah canyon lands and Western Colorado.  Having moved back to California from Colorado, Shelley became interested in portraiture and people in everyday activities along with the continued love of dramatic landscapes. Shelley is a member of the California Central Coast Pastel Society and the Paso Robles Art Association​. 

Contact Information

Shelley Snow  .   email:   .   phone:  805.226.8391

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